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Why do increasing numbers of people wish to discover ways to practice Tantra?

How exactly to exercise Tantra while having Tantric intercourse

The most crucial part of Tantric sex could be the religious context.

Each individual will see their particular simplest way to determine a sacred area for Tantric lovemaking. Check out recommendations:

  • Clean the area and bathe prior to starting Tantric lovemaking
  • Light incense and candles
  • Play music that is uplifting the back ground
  • Start by keeping hands and meditating, to get in touch with one another and also the Divine
  • Visit your spouse while the Divine (either Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine, whichever you both decide)
  • Launch any self-centered ideas and emotions
  • Create an intention to increase your awareness through Tantric lovemaking
  • Ask the Divine become during the Tantric lovemaking with you and act through you