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Friends Don’t Spoon and Other Signs You’re Becoming ‘More Than Friends’ Along With Your BFF


I’m a lesbian. Therefore if I have touchy-feely with a lady, plus it feels appropriate, then that is a big danger signal for me personally. We don’t get touchy-feely EVER with my right girlfriends or my completely platonic lesbian buddies. However, if we begin to get all precious and snuggly with another lez, and abruptly I’m dropping into her arms when I’m loose and drunk rather than within my head—I’m certainly experiencing emotions far beyond the safe realms of “friendship. ”

Your eyes illuminate when you speak about her.

Don’t misunderstand me, I adore my buddies. I’m proud of all of the epic shit they’ve accomplished inside their lives that are short. They are loved by me.


My eyes don’t illuminate such as a million trillion twinkling Christmas time lights once I discuss them. Among the surefire signs i prefer, like a lady occurs when my mom says “Darling, your eyes illuminate when you talk about her! ” That’s whenever I know I’m screwed.

See, the optical eyes, they don’t lie. You may. However your eyes will maybe not.

You can’t stop contemplating her.

Whenever I’m teeming with anxiety sometimes I’ll feel compelled to text one of my besties and on occasion even a brand new buddy, for help. And my tribe of buddies undoubtedly crosses my mind each day. Oh, Ruby would want those footwear. Eduardo would hate this prick. Owen would love this restaurant. We ought to get together sometime.


Just as much as I like my buddies, they aren’t rotating through my brain constantly. We don’t daydream about being around them (unless they’re in prison and I also can’t see them whenever We please). Whenever my head constantly circles back again to ONE woman, and therefore woman takes place to too be gay, it um, means one thing.